Let's fight the virus together
Lavati spesso le mani
Wash your hands
Non toccare viso e occhi
Don't touch your
face and eyes
Usa la mascherina
the mask
Evita gli assembramenti
Avoid crowds


We are available to answer all your requests. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about WARP MASK ™.

WARP-MASK ™ products are made by Cifra Spa in Italy (WKS-CIFRA.COM) and meet all OEKO-TEX® standards in terms of quality and environmental sustainability.

1- Masks have got antiviral, antibacterial and anti-droplet treatments. All these treatments are guaranteed for 15 washes  

2- WARP-MASK ™ sportswear line is made with AMNI VIRUS BAC OFF yarn, which has an antiviral agent permenently incorporeted, thus not loosing its function with washes.

WARP-MASK ™ products (excluding the mask ) are made with certified yarns and tested against bacteria and viruses. The efficacy of Amni® Virus-Bac OFF polyammide has been demonstrated in compliance with the standard protocols ISO 18184 (Determination of the antiviral activity of textile products). Furthermore, its antibacterial action is proven in compliance with the international standards on fabrics AATCC100. According to several studies, viruses can survive up to at least two days on textile surfaces.

This Technology INHIBITS BACTERIA AND VIRUSES with envelope (flu, herpes and new Coronavirus) and without envelope, preventing them from spreading on textile surfaces



In spite of this extra guarantee, it is still advisable to respect hygiene rules: wash the clothes after use, wash your hands and do not touch your face.

WARP-MASK ™ disclaims any responsibility for the content of COVID-19 or any other viral virus, as well as all side effects and potential development or deterioration of a user's health.

WARP-MASK ™ is a filtering, protective and reusable mask indicated to reduce the spread of infectious agents. This mask is intended for daily civil and personal use. The use for medical and health care is not allowed. The biocompatibility of the material has been tested in accordance with UNI EN ISO10993 - 10:2010. Manufactured in accordance with L 27 of 24 April 2020, Art. 16.2 and with European Guide Line CWA 17553-CEN June 2020. All components and materials of Cifra’s products meet Oeko-Tex standard 100 class II quality parameters together with HEIQ testing service criteria (anti-droplet and water-repellent treatments). Wapmask can be used in everyday life: it can be used also in working places always maintaining interpersonal safety distance, as indicated  by recent DPCM.

Yes, Mask are reusable and can be 40’ machine washed.  (water-repellent ) and  (antiviral) treatments are 15 washes guaranteed for maximum efficacy. Mask can be disposed among standard fabric or mixed waste after being washed

Our WARP-MASK ™ are fully enginneered and manufactured by Cifra in Italy, with patented technology that guarantees comfort and resistance.

Cifra, always sensitive to environmental sustainability, has created the masks with 83%  , a yarn obtained from the waste collected from the sea and 17% Roica Eco Smart, the only eco-sustainable regenerated elastane on the market.



To prevent glasses to fog up, fully pull the upper strip and the mask edge over the nose bridge and place the glasses over the mask edge.